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Digitally printed custom wall murals can completely transform and update any space. Whether in your home, office, or business, custom murals can meet your unique needs and preferences. Our matte wall vinyl features vibrant colors using fade-resistant UV inks to bring your vision to life. They are designed to easily adhere to non-porous wall surfaces and are simple to remove whenever you want.

  • Custom designed graphics
  • For walls of any size
  • Easy to install (and remove!)

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Custom wall murals are the perfect solution to liven up any space. Designed for easy installation, these high-quality murals are printed on vinyl adhesive for a hassle-free upgrade. You can choose any photo, art, or graphic design you like to fit any size wall.

Whether large or small scale, these wall murals function much like wallpaper. They can easily transform and enhance the look and feel of your space. However, they are entirely customizable according to your preferences. Plus, they are easy to install, remove, and perfect for displays that might need to be changed frequently.
We print with fade-resistant UV inks and our designers are happy to help you make your design come to life!

What’s the difference between traditional wallpaper and our custom wall murals?

Answer: Traditional wallpaper was made from paper and sometimes coated with vinyl for humid space (such as bathrooms). Installation was a bit labor-intensive and included coating the paper backing with adhesive and then smoothing it onto the wall. Traditional wallpaper also is specifically designed for use indoors and often features a repetition of a single design. Our custom wall murals can be used in many different types of spaces. Plus, they are 100% customizable. They are easy to adhere to and can even be laminated for additional durability and longevity. We use vinyl that is both thin and lightweight. Plus, it carries colors and we can print photo-rich images for maximum impact.

Will my wall murals hurt my walls or paint? How do I remove a mural that's been up for years?

Answer: Our wall murals can be removed easily without damaging the surface underneath as long as you follow our instructions and recommendations. Proper installation on appropriate surfaces will ensure the easiest removal when the time comes. However, leaving the mural up for an excessive amount of time beyond the recommended life span may present difficulties in the removal process. Plus, if the mural met unexpected environmental factors the adhesive could have been damaged or impaired. Heating the mural before removal can ease the process. Using a hairdryer, hot towel, or iron with a damp cloth can help apply heat. Then, gently pulling at a 45-degree angle should make removal easier.

Do any of your wall murals require paste or glue?

Answer: No, our wall murals are backed with adhesive and ready to be applied directly to your wall surface.

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