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Why mess with a classic? Posters are the quintessential form of visual advertising, and it’s always a good idea to add them to your strategy.

• Versatile placement, including doors, bulletin boards and walls
• 5 sizes for you to choose what’s best for your spaces
• 7 different paper stock options
• Laminated to avoid damage from the elements, wrinkles and tears

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Arguably the most popular form of printed advertising, posters are versatile above all else. Offering an excellent way to stand out in a crowd, the variety of exciting colors will undoubtedly catch the eye of customers and guests. We offer thousands of templates in different colors and designs for you to choose the look that best fits your business. Plus, you can take advantage of spaces by picking from our wide variety of poster sizes.

Paper Stock Finishes

All our premium paper stocks have high print quality and enhanced thickness.

  • Glossy makes the perfect finish for very colorful posters, as the shiny and reflective coating gives them an extra flare.
  • Matte lowers the glare for a smooth appearance without shine, which is great for more serious events and contexts.


  • Both sides of the poster will be laminated.
  • Weatherproof, can last longer.
  • Only available for matte finishes.


  • A more dependable option in the face of tough weather conditions.
  • Better readability, as the poster’s back, in blue, blocks outside light.


  • Matte finish.
  • Command™ Strips technology makes it easy to mount on a wall.
  • Lightweight, rigid, and durable.
  • Thick foam board in 5mm width.

Poster Tips

  • For unique shine, glossy cardstock is the way to go.
  • Take the walls into consideration: what colors will truly pop with that background?
  • Let the message take center stage, whether that’s an ad copy or a picture.

Will my custom posters fit into a standard frame?

Answer: Yes. With the exception of our mounted posters (which are made of 5-mm-thick foam board), all our posters should fit into standard frames without issue.

How are your custom posters printed?

Answer: We use digital printing and large format inkjet printers. The resulting poster look crisp, with vibrant full-color designs.

What is a mounted poster? Is it right for my custom posters?

Answer: Mounted posters are made of foam 5mm thick – it’s our only non-paper option for custom posters. Because the foam is both lightweight and durable, we recommend mounted posters for events like trade shows, or even for longer-term in-store displays. With a few Command™ Strips, you can easily attach your poster to a wall and then, when the time comes, pull it down easily, without running the risk of damaging the wall or leaving any residue.

What is a poster rail?

Answer: Poster rails are hanging and display accessories that you can use on vertically designed custom posters. A set of poster rails comes with two long tabs of aluminum or plastic. You slide each tab onto the top or bottom of your poster. The tabs have pre-made holes that let you hang your poster with your choice of hooks, suction cups, rope or string. The result is a lightweight and portable display option that looks sleek and professional – but it’s extremely easy to set up.

Can I order a custom size?

Answer: Not at this time.

Can I save if I order in bulk?

Answer: Yes! Check out our bulk posters to see the options available to you.

Do you have designs for my event or need?

Answer: We offer a wide range of fully customizable poster design templates, including options for specific industries and events. Whether you want to get the word out with concert posters, are creating posters for sale announcements or need campaign posters, we're ready to help.

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