Car Magnets


Show off your brand on every mile you ride.

 Easily placed and removed as many times as you wish
 5 different sizes
 Just .85 mm thick and very lightweight
 Rounded corners of half an inch
 Resistant to the elements

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An excellent option for those who want to advertise their business on the go without the commitment required by decals. Our thick and strong car magnets can help you make an impression on drivers, with their beautiful UV ink printing and matte finish. Don’t worry about them coming off: the new substrate, wind-tunnel tested, will stay where it has to.

Car Magnet Highlights

  • Easy to clean: all it takes is mild soap and a washcloth.
  • Advertise your business by merely getting from place to place.
  • Read our section on care and maintenance.
  • Use all the space you’ve got by applying a magnet on each side of the car – consider adding one to the back, too!

Magnet Design

Whether you’re crafting the design or choosing from our templates, here are a few things to consider:

  • Contrast the design colors with your car’s paint.
  • Your contact information should be visible.
  • Be concise with the text: just a short message to get your point across. Besides, that way you can make your letters bigger.

Apply & Upkeep Magnets

  • Make sure the car’s surface is clean and dry (all it takes is mild soap).
  • Find an area without any bumps, molding, or curves, and apply the magnet there.
  • Clean under the magnet as regularly as you can – daily if possible.
  • Whenever it’s not in use, remove the magnet. Also, remove it for full car washes.

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8.7" x 11.5", 11.5" x 17.6", 10" x 20", 18" x 24", 12" x 24"


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