Car Magnets


Show off your brand on every mile you ride.

 Easily placed and removed as many times as you wish
 5 different sizes
 Just .85 mm thick and very lightweight
 Rounded corners of half an inch
 Resistant to the elements

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Custom car magnets are the best way to get your message around town or even farther still, for your new business, favorite school, or maybe a fundraiser. We can cut them to any shape or size which means your creativity is the only limit here. Give your logo some exposure or design something new, but either way it is guaranteed to get around. The best part is that you can remove them from the car once you have something new to show and can be reused instead of scraped off a car and tossed like bumper stickers.

Order on a Monday and get your new car magnet by Friday with our four day turnaround time! We take care of the cost of shipping and you get your new product by week’s end. Get an estimate today.

Preview your order before it gets cut, too, even after you have submitted payment. We will work with you until you are 100% happy with the design. See what our process looks like here.

Order in bulk for a discount on your order. The more magnets that you get, the more that you can save. Click the link to learn more.

Sticker Mule makes it a breeze to create and order custom magnets of any shape or size. No matter what the occasion is, all you need to do is upload your art, file, or logo to get started. We will have it reviewed, often times, the same day so you can request any changes while you are still at your desk.

It wouldn’t be a great product if it couldn’t withstand your everyday commute. Maybe it’s a surprise rainstorm that the weatherman didn’t know about, or a gust of wind that drifts your car. When you are on the highway, no matter the conditions, you can trust that our car magnets will make it to the destination attached and intact.

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8.7" x 11.5", 11.5" x 17.6", 10" x 20", 18" x 24", 12" x 24"


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